Clothing Matters

Through our clothing bank, we believe that everybody deserves the right to have access to suitable clothing. Whether that is coats and wooly hats in the winter time or tank tops in the summer, the correct piece of clothing can be the real difference in the lives of those that often cannot afford them. If for whatever reason you feel like you require clothing that you currently don’t have access to, then don’t be afraid to contact us (It’s really quick and simple!). Our clothing bank is full of quality donated (our underwear is always brand new) clothing for men, women and children.

[Eligibility criteria: Clients must be in demonstrable need. Clients must collect unless medically unable to do so. Evidence of financial hardship is required if more than one clothing request is made within three months.]


Interested in a service?

Some services require you to download and fill in a form. If required, please download the relevant form and follow these 3 simple steps!


Get in touch and contact us directly on 0121 471 3677 or email us at: enquiries@thelifehouse.net.


We will get back to you right away, providing you with more information along with any extra details we may need.


Once we have everything we need thats it! We can connect you to the best service for you.


Alternatively, Come To our drop in session!

A great way to place to reach us if you are in need of suitable clothing is to come to our drop in sessions on Thursdays from 11:00am – 2:00pm. Through our drop in sessions, we will be able to discus your situation in more detail and direct you to the right services you require.