The Regeneration project

Through Operation Life House, we aim to increase the capacity and diversity of the services that the Life House provides for the local community. We want to support more and more people through the services that we already provide. We also desire to expand our services to meet more of our community’s needs. For more information, please view our online leaflet or see our 4 steps to success below!

step 1.png

Further to our investment of £3 million over the past 15 years, we currently estimate an urgent capital investment of £2.5 million to regenerate our facilities and expand our community service. To raise this large amount of money, We have started working with a very experienced local fundraiser who will be helping and advising us as we apply to various grants and trusts. Nevertheless, we still need the help of our local community if we are going to achieve our goal.


We are repurposing 916 Bristol road to be a nursery and out of school club during the week and the home for our Sunday school on Sundays. This will help both meet a community need and utilise the skills of some of our church members. This is subject to planning permission and the approval of Ofsted, but once established will provide a long term revenue stream making the project sustainable after the urgent capital investment needed.

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Our most urgent need is to regenerate Frederick House and the Centre. The plan is to completely redesign the space internally creating four connected but self-contained spaces: a bigger youth/community space, a health and well-being centre, a community hub and refurbished offices for staff, interns and volunteers. At the same time this will bring the building up to current regulations and permit us to continue to serve our community.


Our final step in this chapter will be to extend our Church building to provide a community meeting hall where refreshments can be served, renovate our toilet facilities and extend our seating capacity.


Here are a few ways to give to show support for Operation Life House which are:

  • Donating online through the donation box (You’ll only need your bank card.)

  • Donating by bank transfer. (Please contact us for our bank details.)

  • Giving by cheque. (More information coming soon!)