We provide two types of vocational experience:

Educational Experience

Vocational experience at the Life House supports the curricula of a range of educational institutions. We can provide anything from one-off primary-school class visits to long-term individual placements at degree-level. It’s a safe introduction for people to use and develop their skills in a work environment. We tailor our vocational experience offerings to the needs of students and the educational institutions to which they belong.

Also, the Life House occasionally hosts an adult education course, such as literacy, maths, personal safety, computing, socialising or healthy living. Keep an eye on our site for any courses that are coming up.


Members of our voluntary staff work directly for the Life House and have found the experience and understanding that they gain at the Life House to be invaluable when working or applying for work in the same sector or in allied professions.

[Eligibility criteria vary depending on the objectives of the course and on any partnering organisation.][Eligibility criteria vary depending upon the curricular needs of the institution to which students belong. Students may be subject to our selection and induction procedures if they are not directly supervised by their institution whilst at the Life House.] [Eligibility criteria: Voluntary staff members must complete the application process and be deemed suitable for the rôle for which they are applying. We believe that ‘volunteers are only volunteers if they volunteer of their own volition!’]

Interested in a service?

Some services require you to download and fill in a form. If required, please download the relevant form and follow these 3 simple steps!


Get in touch and contact us directly on 0121 471 3677 or email us at:


We will get back to you right away, providing you with more information along with any extra details we may need.


Once we have everything we need thats it! We can connect you to the best service for you.


Alternatively, Come To our drop in session!

A great way to place to reach us if you are in need of suitable clothing is to come to our drop in sessions on Thursdays from 11:00am – 2:00pm. Through our drop in sessions, we will be able to discus your situation in more detail and direct you to the right services you require.