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Strengthening Community Together

The Life House has over 15 years experience of delivering a wide range of services that strengthen the local community. Our dedicated team, professional service and committed volunteer base ensure that everybody has access to the right services that they require.

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There are so many initiatives happening within the Life house that the facilities are now starting to limit our ability to provide an effective, professional and expanding service.

It’s time to regenerate and repurpose our facilities to enable us to continue to offer an excellent service to our community, now and into the future.

“Everybody keeps turning us away...
you came ‘round the corner. You’ve
been sent from above.”
— A homeless mother and baby

Through supporting and encouraging individuals, often through times of crisis, we are able to strengthen our community. See the difference the Life House has made in individuals’ lives through our client stories.


Here are a few ways to give to show support for Operation Life House which are:

  • Donating online through the donation box (You’ll only need your bank card.)

  • Donating by bank transfer. (Please contact us for our bank details.)

  • Giving by cheque. (More information coming soon!)